The Daalder Collection of Ethnic Jewellery and Adornment, after 2007
Azerbaijan / Daghestan Chest Piece

Azerbaijan / Daghestan Chest Piece

The coins on this 730-gram chest piece, or pectoral, are dated 1897. The finely decorated silver is covered in gilt and colored glass stones.

According to Raisa Ismailova, writing on Facebook and on the website Ethnic Jewels, these are often thought to originate from Azerbaijan, but – while they were undoubtedly worn there – they were actually made in Daghestan and worn particularly in the village of Tsakhur, Daghestan.

However, commenting on Facebook Tural Nebiyev makes a stronger case that jewelry with this elegant and “light” appearance was made in the northern part of Azerbaijan. An article by Attiga Izmaylova states that jewelers from Daghestan studied in workshops in Shaki and Baku, Azerbaijan, to learn how to work with silver and niello.

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